Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hey all this is SaltNPeppa...

Hey all on WYD I am known as SaltNPeppa, -BrutaForce, -BrutalForce, but I am mainly on SaltNPeppa.
First things first WYD is a great game to play and I suggest it to all. Right now I am at my moms work so I will post my Screen Shots later on. It is a great game because unlike WoW there is about 1200 levels instead of 70... WYD has great graphics, Great People, and great help...I have some really good friends on there known as xdeathx and frenzy666 the pwn all. WYD is a game where you dont need to pay for anything unless you want special items. The special items range from max level mounts that increase attack and MAP (magic attack power) all that you have to do is just go to the website and just enter your credit card buy the coin and go to nell....then u can get watever u can get!!!!!!! : D its cool they have a HUGE range of items

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