Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I had made an interview site... its wyd-interviews.blogspot.com its a site where i interview random people....BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all...

Monday, August 11, 2008


If you want to join an uber pwnage guild....go talk to TheFirstHero..with 4mil in your inventory.... : )

Attendence Event....

All you gotta do is just go to wydglobal.com log in then hit the red ATTENDENCE button and watch the 1min long movie..Then you get free healing pots...well 3 of them : )...SO GO THERE NOW AND GET YOUR POTS!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kindness rules about WYD...

1. Dont Scam...At all...I got hacked and was reported for scamming (i would never do that...) well i almost got banned for life...(but nemesis understood...)

2. DO NOT SPAM..It is soooooo iritating...like S> Thron of Hoplon S> Thorn of Hoplon S> Thron of Hoplon....IT GETS VERY ANNOYING WHEN SOMEONE IS TRYING TO HAVE A CONVO....

3. Dont KS (kill steal..) Such as when i am trying to get some candles infront of the guardian quest...like 5 people come right next to me and start to C.C (combat control....) JUST DONT DO IT IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE LABELED AS A KSING NOOB....also in quest...if someone has a room...dont just run in and kill the mosters....it gets annoying and you will be pked...

4. Ok..i am known for this but now i am completely against it...AFK PK...i looked like fun....(sorry monoxide) i killed him like 3 times...but dont do it...its not cool in any way other than if you want to change your name colors but dont afk pk...if anything do it when people are kill stealing...then you have the right...XD......

5. Noobkilling....Its all fun and games..until they eget their celes...or not maybe you just lead them to pk arena and kill them but tell them different??...Dont do it..let them be until they get strong enough to have a chance to get away...I enjoy helping out noobs..well mainly because i am one...level 300 isnt that high...but anyway what i do is i just set up shops and sell the pots i get from the attendence event...and sell them for 1 gold...they love it....but also i lead them around and heal them when they need it.... because all i have to do is set a good example for them....then they will hopefully pass it on... : )

Sever Maintenence tommorow

Tomorrow the servers will be closed from 4:40 - 8:00 GT...

Friday, August 8, 2008

The coolest thing around....

ok... heres the deal...If you send the coolest screen shot here...ill pay u 1m...I swear to it ill pay u 1mil for the coolest ss...u have 7 days....send it to dirtdevil200@aol.com ...have fun...end date is august 15...SO SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!

Ok all.....

Ok. I am opening a discussion about what ever you need...just post a comment with your char name.. and ill answer it as best as i can...if someone else has a better answer please post it : ) thanks

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chaos Point

Ok, Chaos point is when you are questing or in the desert and you kill someone. First your name will turn liek a blueish color, then it will go to like a strong yellow, then it will go to red, then black. DO NOT GO PAST YELLOW. If you get to a certain shade of red when you die you will drop certain items from you inventory, and also PARTS FROM YOUR SET!!!!!! when your name gets to black then you are black listed and you will drop your set no matter what. there are two ways to fix this problem. Either by leveling or being on for over an hour. For every hour it is one point higher. Chaos Point goes to the negatives by the way. If you have a red name DO NOT HUNT IN DESERT, people there will kill you just to take your items. At least wait until it is yellow... and the way to check you chaos point is by typing /cp
well that is all i have on CP (chaos point)

Noob Sets

Noob sets are great to have no matter what. In Nell (you have to get WYD coins from) sells them for 5k WYD coin (5 USD). They are the level 1 sets but +11 with great options. Right now i have a Foema Blood noob set. I meant to get the Black but oh well. The stats on my set raise attack, defesnse, MAP (magic attack power), resistance, and casting time. The casting time is so that I can use my spells faster without having to wait as long as the mithril or any other set. I suggest that you get a noob set


Ok there is a new item in the game called 'Money Cubes' they sell from a range of 2.5M - 1M. When you buy one you will have to have money in your inventory then just right click the cube. It will be the cube will take you money or give you money. So far i have lost about 4 mil from them but i am counting on a winner.


Ok ..If you ever need help during the game please pm me it dont matter when or where cause i will help you.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Review of WYD (mine)

WYD is a great game with a very impressing story background. WYD has good graphics that are 3D and very precise. The story is about how mosters rose up and killed the villagers there. There were four people who fought and died that had special powers. Then a mystical creature came and ressurected them and gave them even better powers. The whole game is about fighting and killing monsters. But also they have an extremely good pk system. They have arenas and challanges and duels..

The great features about WYD

First off WYD has a team of GM's that will help your every need 24/7 and also they come and vist you at certain times during the day. When I get to my house I have some screen shots of GM God. He is a dragon lookin thing and he is totally awesome as well the entire GM team. The scariest GM is probably GM Nemesis.....He/She looks hella cool....Anyone can be a GM at any time all you have to do is go and fill out a form...While you're playig you will learna about acadamies and Guilds. Acadamys are for anyone and everyone except for people over level 370 or God character or Celestial character or Soul character. The acadamies help you level for acadamy leagues. Acadamy leagues are battles between acadamies. there are 3 types. Beginner, Advanced, and Hardcore. Beginner is from level 1-150 Advanced is from 151-255 and Hardcore is from 256-370. If your acadamy win and you participated in the league that you won in. You get special items from the GMs. The GMs also have special events for all levels to participate in that are fun and exciting....

game site...

OK to download the game go to wydglobal.com..do it fast because there is a modified drop rate and experience rate so you will level up faster...g2g

Hey all this is SaltNPeppa...

Hey all on WYD I am known as SaltNPeppa, -BrutaForce, -BrutalForce, but I am mainly on SaltNPeppa.
First things first WYD is a great game to play and I suggest it to all. Right now I am at my moms work so I will post my Screen Shots later on. It is a great game because unlike WoW there is about 1200 levels instead of 70... WYD has great graphics, Great People, and great help...I have some really good friends on there known as xdeathx and frenzy666 the pwn all. WYD is a game where you dont need to pay for anything unless you want special items. The special items range from max level mounts that increase attack and MAP (magic attack power) all that you have to do is just go to the website and just enter your credit card buy the coin and go to nell....then u can get watever u can get!!!!!!! : D its cool they have a HUGE range of items