Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The great features about WYD

First off WYD has a team of GM's that will help your every need 24/7 and also they come and vist you at certain times during the day. When I get to my house I have some screen shots of GM God. He is a dragon lookin thing and he is totally awesome as well the entire GM team. The scariest GM is probably GM Nemesis.....He/She looks hella cool....Anyone can be a GM at any time all you have to do is go and fill out a form...While you're playig you will learna about acadamies and Guilds. Acadamys are for anyone and everyone except for people over level 370 or God character or Celestial character or Soul character. The acadamies help you level for acadamy leagues. Acadamy leagues are battles between acadamies. there are 3 types. Beginner, Advanced, and Hardcore. Beginner is from level 1-150 Advanced is from 151-255 and Hardcore is from 256-370. If your acadamy win and you participated in the league that you won in. You get special items from the GMs. The GMs also have special events for all levels to participate in that are fun and exciting....

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