Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chaos Point

Ok, Chaos point is when you are questing or in the desert and you kill someone. First your name will turn liek a blueish color, then it will go to like a strong yellow, then it will go to red, then black. DO NOT GO PAST YELLOW. If you get to a certain shade of red when you die you will drop certain items from you inventory, and also PARTS FROM YOUR SET!!!!!! when your name gets to black then you are black listed and you will drop your set no matter what. there are two ways to fix this problem. Either by leveling or being on for over an hour. For every hour it is one point higher. Chaos Point goes to the negatives by the way. If you have a red name DO NOT HUNT IN DESERT, people there will kill you just to take your items. At least wait until it is yellow... and the way to check you chaos point is by typing /cp
well that is all i have on CP (chaos point)

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